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Sharing the true values of Japanese animation films with all enthusiasts in the world.

For The Future ~ For All The People

The production of animation movies in Japan will celebrate the 100th year anniversary in 2017. The total number of animation movies, which have been produced in this period and currently known in Japan amounts to 12,036 titles and 161,453 episodes. It is our belief that the true attractiveness of Japanese animation films consists of the originality of stories, innovations in the movement of pictures, and the realization of the audiencesʼ dreams in scenarios. We also consider the product commercialization and media-mix strategy of Japanese animation industry is the strong point, which delivers comics, games, toys, music, and package media simultaneously in market. We regard Japanese animation industry as one of the world’s true creative sources. The 100th Anniversary Project in 2017 offers the opportunity for sharing the true values of Japanese animation films with all enthusiasts in the world.

This complete on-line data base covers theater films, television programs, DVD titles, and other package media and offers the true authenticity not only for the funs but also for the commercial buyers and agents. By the close cooperation of academics and industry, this encyclopedia aims to facilitate the networking among those who are interested in this topic in the world.
1. DataBase
This data base combines the chronological development of Japanese animation films and
systematic overview of the Japanese animation industry.
2. Oral History
Interviews of animation creators and articles by specialist are amply included in this encyclopedia, which delineate the ideas, technologies, backgrounds of the products, and the social aspects of movies.
3. International Symposium

The Anniversary Project is organizing summer school, i.e., Animation Summer Jamboree in Tokyo. We believe that animation education should enhance children their ability for imagination, creativity and basic competence in social activities. Personal self-fulfillment is our educational goal in nurturing future artists and producers in Japanese animation scene. Today, animation industry expands their commercial market and production subcontractors internationally by using digital tools and communication environment.
1. Message for children who creates the future of the next 100 years,
Producing animation
2. Summer school for school children
3. Animation production contents and curriculum for primary and secondary school education
4. Matching of coordination specialists for animation production in Japan. Promotions of art and creating systems for digital animations.
5. Education center’s network in Japan

Anniversary Project promotes public relations for animation cultures in abroad to stimulate visiting in Japan. It is a branch of governmental Cool Japan promotions and bases on the industry and all-related social sectors. This promotion is a long-term oriented.
1. Domestic and international exhibitions
The Anniversary Project is scheduling the domestic and international festivals and travelling exhibitions with the concomitant of film festivals and comic markets.
2. Film screening party, Symposium and Seminar
With the close cooperation of industry, film archives, and libraries the Anniversary Project is scheduling the large scale film screening parties accompanying symposiums world wide.
3. Entertainment・Exhibition
Thoroughly entertainment, Festival of that gathers animation comprehensive power.
4. Animation * Multi-Industries * Technology = New Business Model

Territory of Japanese Animation

※ Source : Animation Industry Report 2015/ Digital Content White Paper 2015

Japanese Animation The 100th Anniversary Project & Long-Term Vision

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